From Shed to Pool Cabana…

When my husband decided he was ready to build a cabana for our pool area, I had no idea I would be taking a glorified shed and making it poolside cabana-worthy!

My husband, Dave, is very handy.  When Dave decides he is going to take on a project he researches it ….. for weeks.  He spends countless hours making sure this is something he not only wants to do but has the ability to handle.  A project of this scope usually means that I need to get involved.  Not only because I have the design background but because he simply needs an extra set of hands.  Fortunately, Dave and I have taken on many a project and have had great success with each endeavor.  Nonetheless when he told me he was purchasing a shed kit for our pool area , I was alittle hesitant.  First, I didn’t want a “shed” in my pool area and secondly, I didn’t want a “shed” in my pool area!  We agreed to take a drive out to Lancaster to check out the the “cabana” he was considering purchasing and find out how much “building” would be involved, after all, it was a kit.  At first sight I was not happy with the “cabana”.  Frankly, it was a shed, albeit had a nice shape to it (pentagon which was chosen to complement the shape of our pool).  We were able to make a few changes to it – upgrade the window, door and have a wide opening in the front factored in to serve food and drinks (this would have a flip down door to close it off).  Beyond that, we were really just buying a glorified “shed”.  So, upon delivery and with a good amount of help from neighbors and friends the “cabana” was built in a few weeks. Once completed, it looked fine, but fine is not a word I particulary like to use often. It was missing the WOW! factor, the uniqueness and sense of continuity that I like show throughout my home and yard.

I knew we would need to add a few details to the structure so it would tie in nicely with the rest of the backyard and look more like a cabana.  First Dave purchased a set of accordian windows to use for the server window.  We then decided to add a stone veneer along the front facade to tie it in with the outdoor kitchen we had built 2 years prior.  I also wanted to add a pergola-like structure similiar to one we have on our back patio as an additional detail.  I was able to find what is called an eyebrow pergola which frames the upper and outside edge of the server window.  Finally, it didn’t hurt to come across three gorgeous glazed pottery vases which complement the veneer and serve as an added detail to the presentation (I can’t wait until spring to add greenery in them).  I am happy to say that I now have a beautiful cabana for my pool area.  But , wait!  We still need to tackle the inside!  But , that’s for next year!!!

Soon to come- my blog on “how I spent my summer….and the continuing pool cabana saga”.